on some machine (work, disks) _ move approved changes from /home/bk/bk-3.1.x-queue/ready to …​/processing

on disks: in /update/rick/bk-3.1.x-staging _ pull /home/bk/bk-3.0.x to get any new stuff _ pull in changes from /home/bk/bk-3.1.x-queue/processing _ "make p test" there, tag bk-3.1pre{X} where X is next digit. When we enter Release Candidate phase, start the bk-3.1RC{X} tagging _ bk push to /home/bk/rick/bk-3.1.x

on work: _ cd to /home/bk/rick/stuff _ sh clean - clean out the build directory on all build machines _ cd ../bk-3.1.x _ make cranktry 2>&1 | tee cranking.log _ cd ../stuff; sh cmd --- this says if it was successful on platforms _ winxp - in my ~/bin to log onto win machine _ cd /build; rm -fr bk-3.1.x-rick LOG-rick; sh cmd-rick _ if that works out, swell! _ exit winxp machine _ cd ../bk-3.1.x _ bk push _ mv /home/bk/bk-3.1.x-queue/processing/* /home/bk/bk-3.1.x-queue/done