My file format differs from the ATT SCCS file format in the following ways:

I have the following extra information in the file:

RCS style tags
hostname of the machine making the delta
timezone of the delta

I want file format compatibility with AT&T SCCS so here’s how that happened. Rochkind knew I was coming and he passes unknown flags through his SCCS parser. So the new flags are

   	^Af h <rev> hostname
^Af P <rev> pathname
^Af w <rev> minuteswest of GMT
   	^Af s <rev> symbol
   	^Af R

The hostname/pathname/minuteswest "inherit". What this means is that if all the deltas were made in PST, then the only minuteswest entry would look like

^Af w 1.1 8:00

Binary encodings:

^Af e 0			# means no encoding, just ascii
^Af e 1			# traditional uuencoding
^af e 2			# gzipped, uuencoded