The ability to record and make use of the linear sequence of states a repository has been in.

For example:

post-commit and post-incoming trigger which take some index, add 1 and make a tag ${BRANCH}_$INDEX .

Only have that trigger on master repos, to save from everyone propagating their personal event stack around.

Note that a node could have more than one tag on it: at some point bugfix becomes dev so the tip would have both and dev.zzz .

Alternative from Wayne:

Just calling creating a new dev tag every time the tip of -dev changes would do the same thing. The previous values of dev are still recorded as the old bk-tag-del RTI shows.


When did this bugfix cset make it into dev? bk set -tt -l -r${BUGFIX}_$INDEX | grep dev_[_]*$ | tail -1

Bisect going only over this repo’s event stack. I.e. don’t jump around branches, just test the merges and print the branch this was merged from.