1. SCCS/s.file is the only supported sort of name. Use "ln -s SCCS ." if you want s.files with your source.

  2. get /full/path/SCCS/s.foo puts the file in /full/path/foo not ./foo. I’m not sure if this is a problem, if it is it is easy to fix. Need to see how this interacts w/ make and viewpaths etc.

  3. delta works like the RCS ci - if there are no differences then the file is unedited instead of adding an empty delta. Use "delta -f" to force a delta.

  4. branch flag is unsupported at this time.

  5. get supports a -R<rev> which forces the next rev to be whatever you specify. For testing only, use at your own risk.

  6. new program, parent, gives you the parent of a particular delta. Usage "parent <rev> filename".