bk collapse -aAFTERREV # collapse all csets descended from AFTERREV -rLIST_OF_REVS # replace all csets named in LIST_OF_REVS -e # leave open, don’t run delta/commit -m # collapse all csets into first merge on trunk -q # silent -s # don’t save backup patch -L # don’t log old keys

With no args we collapse the top cset. (Without -e we error if no local edits or pending deltas.)

Adds new file BitKeeper/etc/collapsed which contains all keys collapsed. (unless -L)

-m is just a shorthand for generating the list to pass to -r

bk fix -c → bk collapse -r+ -e bk fix -c -r1.9 → bk collapse -a1.9 -e bk collapse -r+ -e == bk collapse -e

bk pull .. do merge .. make fixup bk citool (optional) bk collapse -m bk comments -C+

1.1 — 1.2 — 1.3 — 1.4 \ / - ----

someday in the future…​

bk collapse -r1.2,1.3 bk collapse -r1.1.1.1,1.3,1.4